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Discover a user-friendly resource packed with guides and information to ensure you get the most from EQapp.

Welcome to EQapp Resources! Your ultimate companion in the world of recruitment. From essential guidance when getting started to expert tips on maximizing EQbuddy's potential, we have it all.

Whether you're a hiring novice or looking to elevate your AI Assistant skills, you'll find all the insights and strategies you need right here. Immerse yourself in the world of EQapp and experience how it revolutionizes the process of discovering top talent with speed and efficiency.

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  • How Do I Sign Up

    Visit and click start free trail from the home page

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  • Stuck In Sign Up Loop

    If you are stuck in a loop when you try to sign up and keep getting redirected to a subscription purchase page, you must clear your browser history. Once you have done this open a private or incognito page and visit, select "sign up" then create an account with the same email entered with your subscription purchase.

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Explore the newest developments and updates from the EQapp team, featuring exciting product announcements and enhancements.

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