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Elevate Your Recruiting Game with’s Revamped Version 0.1 V1

A Leap into Seamless Recruitment with’s New Features

Navigating through the realms of recruitment management and functionality,’s latest update promises not only advanced tools but a user-friendly environment that caters to the multifaceted needs of recruiters. Here’s a glimpse into the wealth of features packed into our 0.1 V1 version:

  • Intake Prep Module: Tailored to build your credibility with hiring managers instantly, whilst enabling you to delve deeper into aspects beyond the conventional job description.

  • Screening Module: A timesaver that brings you standardized, reusable assessments to ensure consistency across various roles.

  • Job Descriptions Module: Craft new or optimize existing JDs, paving the way for inclusivity and enhanced candidate engagement.

  • Outreach Module: Your ally in sculpting personalized messages and emails, thereby amplifying your response rates from potential candidates.

  • Brainstorm Module: An interactive hub for all your hiring-related queries, from market and salary insights to ideation on innovative strategies.

Continuous Improvements for a Smooth User Experience

Feedback and continuous improvements are the pillars that support and elevate user experience. Since’s initial release, your invaluable feedback has spearheaded bug updates and enhancements to foster a reliable and smoothly functioning platform. Ensuring no timeouts and recommending a text limit of 1000 characters per job for optimal performance, now offers enhanced flexibility and stability.

Specially Crafted for Your Recruitment Success

At, every module is crafted with recruiters in mind, ensuring each tool not only addresses but anticipates your day-to-day challenges. Be it navigating through high-demand areas, enhancing engagement through job descriptions, or ensuring consistency via scorecards, stands beside you, steering the ship towards a future where recruitment is not just a process but a significant, impactful experience.


At the heart of lies a dedication to harmonizing technology with the ever-evolving field of recruitment. With the unveiling of 0.1 V1, we beckon you to explore a world where each module becomes an extension of your recruitment prowess, amplifying your capabilities, and contributing to an efficient, inclusive, and innovative hiring process.

A heartfelt shout-out to our early access users for their invaluable support last week! As we journey forward, welcoming more users, embracing more feedback, and crafting more advancements, let’s continue to build, learn, and revolutionize the recruiting industry - together.

Warm regards, Marcus, Founder of