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New Release: 0.2 V1

Dear Community,

I’m thrilled to be back with exciting news on the release of 0.2 V1!

Firstly, a huge thank you to each of our users. Your insightful feedback has been the cornerstone in refining and enhancing the functionalities offered by

Navigation Tailored to You

In this release, the first update you’ll notice is the reordering of Home page buttons. This modification aims to simplify navigation, providing you with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Supercharge Your Sourcing with Boolean

Acknowledging the substantial requests for Boolean search functionalities, we’ve transformed “Sourcing Ideas” into “Boolean Sourcing”. This upgrade significantly broadens the sourcing capabilities for members, not only suggesting ideal places to discover talent but also offering numerous strategies for online talent search, accompanied by a list of recommendable sites.

Seamless Integration of Job Ads

The “Job Descriptions” module now seamlessly incorporates “Job Ads” for you to have summaries to share on social media, with some bonus material being removed for a streamlined experience. Moreover, to reflect the enhanced functionality of designing assessments for any role, the “Screening” button has been aptly renamed to “Assessment”, establishing it as a primary feature of our platform.

A New Approach to Intake Preparation

Improvements extend to the “Intake Prep” module, where updates have been made to assist in identifying other companies hiring for similar roles. For optimal results, consider utilizing the Pro Tip: try cutting and pasting crucial parts of your job description while keeping the input under 1000 characters.

Navigating through Bug Fixes and Beyond

Beyond these highlighted updates, we’ve meticulously worked on resolving a host of small bugs. As we navigate through the early access phase, our roadmap is set to continue the momentum, with future releases promising further enhancements to AI models and UI, ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for all users.

Your Feedback Lights Our Path

We eagerly await your continued feedback and encourage comments, questions, or partnership opportunities as we relentlessly work to refine and perfect to meet and exceed your expectations.


Here’s to a more empowered and efficient recruiting process!

Marcus, Founder of