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🚀 Unveiling Our Epic Product Update!

Dear Community,

30 days later we’re excited to announce the launch of V2: EQGPT at, a transformative product born from our dedication to creating ‘super recruiters’!

This innovation is not just about enhancing recruitment processes; it’s about reshaping them with a commitment to inclusivity at its core.

EQGPT: Cultivating Super Recruiters with Inclusive AI

  1. Challenge: Time-Intensive Recruitment Workflows 
    • EQGPT's SolutionOur platform streamlines the creation of branded assets and simplifies recruitment tasks. By leveraging inclusive AI, EQGPT not only speeds up processes but also ensures diverse and equitable talent sourcing.
  1. Challenge: Navigating Rapid Job Market Changes
    • EQGPT’s Solution: EQGPT provides real-time, inclusive insights into job market trends and salary data, helping recruiters make informed, unbiased decisions quickly.
  1. Challenge: Sourcing and Engaging Diverse Talent
    • EQGPT’s Solution: EQGPT offers advanced sourcing methods and communication strategies, specifically designed to connect with a diverse range of candidates effectively.
  1. Challenge: Constant Industry Evolution
    • EQGPT’s Solution: Our platform is a dynamic learning resource, continuously updating with inclusive practices and the latest recruitment trends.
  1. Challenge: Preparing for Client Interactions Efficiently
    • EQGPT’s Solution: The all-in-one interface of EQGPT not only streamlines preparation for client meetings but also provides insights into creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Our Vision, Mission, and Commitment to Inclusivity.

Our vision at is clear: To match every job with every person. 

EQGPT is a significant stride towards this vision, embodying our mission to transform recruiters into super recruiters. Central to this mission is our dedication to inclusive AI, ensuring that our technology fosters diversity and equity in the recruitment process.

Join us in this innovative journey with EQGPT. Experience how it revolutionizes the recruitment process, not just in efficiency and effectiveness, but in fostering a more inclusive and diverse professional world.


Your feedback is crucial for our continued growth and commitment to inclusivity. Together, let’s redefine the standards of recruitment.

Thank you for being part of this important journey towards building a more inclusive future in recruitment.

Warm regards,

Marcus Sawyerr



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